2048 is popular game and this is a clone of the same concept, i have added some enhancements as you can select now the board size then start playing, the game was developed using JavaScript so it will work on your browser any where, have fun.

Use your arrow keys to move the blocks. When two blocks with the same number overlaps, they will be merged into one, try to get to 2048 good luck.

As i said its a clone from a popular game that have been cloned many times till now with different changes but i created this clone for fun (it's a game :D) and to practice my JavaScript and as challenge for myself and i have done it in less than 6 hours separated on the transportation between work and home, you can read more about the story on my blog post.

I`m Eslam Mahmoud, Software Engineer who loves web development and creating projects check my other projects.

Made with by Eslam Mahmoud in Egypt