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Hello :)

From the beginning of the year I only wrote three posts! And that just after I finished a 30 day blogging challenge I said more than one time I will write more and I want to but sure there is a problem.

The problem is not about the content as I have a lot of thing I want to write about both in Arabic and English also tech related and not but it is all about time management.

A lot happens to me now a days I started to work full time remotely in a very exiting company our product is a productivity app to track remote workers performance and we are tracking 1,000,000 hours per month also i got the most lovely baby girl “Joudy” and she now have 4 months and she takes a lot of my time along with all her mother’s time.

I have a lot I want to share about working remotely and being a geek father both happened almost in the same time and its a crazy ride ever since.

Working remotely is not new to me as I worked on a full project for year remotely and also full time as transition between jobs and managed other people also, that what motivated me to move to full time remotely I recommend every developer to try it for some time as if you did not like it it will enhance your communication skills.

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