My first plugin on Redirect to welcome or landing page

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great, flexible and powerful  CMS from my point of view it is the best and i see it is not only me as wordpress powers 23% of the internet, Plugins have a big hand of that powerfulness that wordpress have.

I have used and created plugins for many years now but the strange thing i have not try to publish any of them on the official store of ! not even my latest plugins WordPress static social sharing icons that i developed and use also in this site to speed up the page loading time !!

Today after two days in review i have got the “Request Approved” Email form on my plugin “Redirect to welcome or landing page“, its now live on and you can find it if you searched for “Redirect to welcome or landing page” in your plugins section in your website.

The plugin is easy, simple to the point plugin allow you to set page so users get redirected to it if they landed on your home page or any page or post. It is as simple as that whenever you get new visitor to your home page you may like to redirect him to a welcome o landing page that you promote your work in or give him some offer or ask for his email to join your newsletter.

The plugin have many use cases and a lot great bloggers have used the same concept to get more leads to there news letter of to spotlight there latest work and you to can get the advantage of it by going now to your plugins section in your wordpress site and searched for “Redirect to welcome or landing page”.

The plugin use temp redirection code so search engine will not lose track of your home page content.

Waiting all your feedback, one last time the link is “Redirect to welcome or landing page“.