WordPress at Google summer of code 2011

Hello, Tomorrow will be the last chance if you think in applying for Google summer of code 2011 GSoC as in the program time line Student application deadline in April 8.

in GSoC 2011 wordpress is here with many ideas you can select form them or you may propose your own idea.

there are many ideas i like to see them come true like:

  1. Front End Postting integrated with admin bar
    • The P2 theme allows users to post directly from the front end. Extracting this functionality into the admin bar that could be used by any theme, would make it easier for users to have this functionality.
  2. Child Theme Management in WordPress
    • The WordPress theme directory does not currently accept child themes, as WordPress has no way of ensuring that people have the proper parent theme installed. This project would modify WordPress so that it could download child themes and resolve their dependency on a parent theme.
  3. Template Versioning
  4. Move WordPress

Good luck for every one :)

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