Mozilla Persona demo

Mozilla Persona is awesome

This is a demo website to try Mozilla persona "A sign-in system for the Web", This was part from my session about Mozilla persona in #MozillaPower13 event, you can know more about it though

About persona.


At Mozilla, we believe that your online life is your business. With that in mind, we created Persona to make it easier to sign in to websites.

Persona allows you to sign in to sites using any of your existing email addresses; and if you use Yahoo! or Gmail for email, you will be able to sign in without having to create a new password.

Why for users?

  • Does not track your behavior on the web.
  • Does not share data about you.
  • Because passwords are hard to remeber.
  • Because passwords are hard to secure.
  • All sites get hacked.
  • Will not post on your FB wall.

Why for developers?

  • Build good relation wth users.
  • Easy signup so you will not lose customers.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Secure.

About #MozillaPower13.


MozillaPower13 is a conference that would gather the people who can share the mission of mozilla promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web, On the 20&21 of Dec 2013 in British University in Cairo, Egypt. Find more on


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